A passion project

Adarnia is a 3D CG animated sci-fi short film about the once utopian ancient city called Adarnia. Overthrown by a ruthless military leader, the now totalitarian state and its army of android soldiers find themselves interrupted by the sudden appearance of a mysterious intruder. These soldiers chase the masked biker from the well-guarded city to the uncharted outskirts of Adarnia, revealing the intruder's true identity, purpose, and a glimpse into the deep history of Adarnia's sci-fi world.

The current film is both a short film and a long trailer to a much bigger story and an epic world full of unique characters and environments.



Gain support

We want to deliver an epic to you in the best quality as we can. It's a huge amount of work, and we need your help and support to make this series of short films the very best it can be.

Kickstarter campaign will be coming soon. Please support us.



We all love the fantastical

The film is inspired by our love for all sci-fi and Shakespearean like stories. We all love genre films with a deep story presented to us in an environment full of adventures and unique visuals. That’s why we love sci-fi, superhero, and fantasy films. 


The first short-film is now out but the Adarnia universe is still in the pre-production phase, meaning that we are still developing the bigger story, characters, and lore. Fortunately, even though this phase is never truly over (especially for an epic series), we are excited to move on to the next phase.