Welcome to the cg works of
Clemhyn Escosora

A 3D Artist /Creator/Designer and Director. 3D CG Artist for Marza Animation Planet in Tokyo, Japan. Worked as a senior graphic and web designer prior. I am strongly passionate about creative and visual story-telling


3DCG Unreal engine character
Sci-fi Samurai

Sci-fi Samurai 3D CG Character and his Mad Max esque motor bike Real-time UE4 Unreal Engine Real-time Sci-fi Samurai 3D CG Character UE4 Unreal Engine


3DCG Unreal engine character
Sci-fi Knight Captain

Western Knight and sci-fi inspired original design character. The Captain character for the Adarnia : 3D CG Sci-fi short film by Clem Escosora

clemhyn-escosora-android-police-adarnia-scifi-shortfilm (1).gif

3DCG Unreal engine character
Android Soldier

Adarnian android squads. An android with opening and closing masks. Original design inspired by sci-fi police in games and movies.

clemhyn-escosora-adarnia-robot-android (1).gif